「THE WORLD FOLIO」にオタフクソース社長 佐々木直義のインタビュー記事掲載

トピックス 2019年04月10日
 グローバルニュースサイト「THE WORLD FOLIO」に、オタフクソース株式会社 代表取締役社長 佐々木直義のインタビュー記事が掲載されました。世界へ広がる日本食の可能性や、「Okono-mission」として取り組むお好み焼普及への使命感などについてお話ししました。

Article based on the interview with our president ,Noyoshi Sasaki,is now  available on the websaite of THE WORLD FOLIO” IN the interview, he discusses the potential of Japanese food and presents the incredible mission of his company: Bringing Japan’s delicious Okonomiyaki to the world.

We will show you some part of the articles.

Your company plans to spread Okonomiyaki to the world. What is your plan for this mission?

Okonomiyaki is a nutritionally balanced dish made with easily obtained ingredients.   Furthermore, culinary moment is enjoyed by gathering and eating together with relatives and friends. We consider Okonomiyaki to be a dietary culture which contributes to society, and we label our mission to spread this dish to the world the “Okono-mission.” To fulfill the Okono-mission, we must develop our brand and raise international awareness. We recently, enhanced our branding to reflect English. Up to last year, it used to be in Katakana, but on October first, we changed it to the world’s most spoken language.
To spread Okonomiyaki and our products globally, our strategy is to make foreigners that come to Japan try the dish with our delicious sauce. Because once you tried it, you will remember it forever.
In fact, we believe we are the number one company when it comes to production volume of Okonomiyaki sauce, and our products are used nationwide in restaurants and homes.



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