Improved Takoyaki Sauce for Export Is on Sale!

Global News 2021/06/28

Improved Takoyaki Sauce for Export Is on Sale!

―This sauce contains certified bonito ingredients for EU HACCP-

We announced that we launched improved “Takoyaki Sauce”.

Our Takoyaki Sauce has light taste to highlight the flavor of Takoyaki. You can taste Japanese flavor with bonito stock and soy sauce.

■What is “Takoyaki”?

Takoyaki culture started from Osaka in Japan. Traditional “Takoyaki” is made by pouring batter of flour into holes on a special Takoyaki pan, adding octopus, red pickled ginger. You can add favorite ingredients and toppings (such as cheese, sausage, kimchi, chocolate etc.) and enjoy making and eating Takoyaki.


■Why do we produce “Takoyaki Sauce”?

We started manufacturing “Takoyaki Sauce” from 1964. Our clients requested sauce for Takoyaki as the same as Okonomi Sauce for Okonomiyaki. These days deep-fried Takoyaki is very popular overseas. We started manufacturing flavorful Takoyaki Sauce which goes well with the Takoyaki.

■What points have been improved?

We changed the bonito stocks to strengthen the flavor of dashi and soy sauce. You can eat Takoyaki more lightly with our Takoyaki Sauce.

We also changed the package. You can see the Takoyaki recipe with the pictures.


Our “Takoyaki Sauce” has the sweet and savory taste which goes well with Takoyaki. We are proud of its reputation of being a "clean label" product, that only uses the highest quality ingredients. Please check it out and enjoy cooking and eating Takoyaki with our Takoyaki Sauce.